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Terms of Use

This website is provided to you the following terms and conditions which are mentioned here. Please read the terms and conditions carefully as, If you do not agree with the following terms and conditions then users are restricted to use our site.

Terms of Services

The contents of this website such as text, layout, graphics are the intellectual property rights of this website. You can view the website for your personal or private use only. Without giving notifications to users, The software solutions provided on SoftSix.com could be modified with the change in technologies. We carry the copyrights to change the content and information posted on the sites, therefore any type of reproduction, recreation, distribution of the content will not be taken into consideration.If any kind of user is found in such type of activities, then we hold the rights to take strict legal action against them.


To connect and to communicate with the user, the email ID of the user can be taken for communication purpose to send a post, email and newsletter. We will use strict actions to prevent your data from illegal activities.


All the content and information available on this website is edited, checked and verified. All possible efforts are made to deliver the exact information. But we are not responsible for the accuracy, correctness and suitability of the content provided to you.

Disobeying of Terms and Conditions

If the user is found violating the terms and conditions. In such cases we have the right to take strict actions:

  1. We can take legal actions in court.
  2. We can instantly block the users IP address.
  3. Can remove the user’s accounts details from our website.
  4. Restrict permanent access from the site.
  5. Formal advisory to the user.

Products and Services

If in case some products are prescribed on our website then those products sites will have their own term and conditions. We are not accountable for any kind of security, the user uses a software to execute his/her task. The recommended applications are totally dependent upon their respective publisher.We are not proclaiming any of the suggested tools and hence not involve in any kind of respective legal issues.


If you have any queries or, concerns related to Terms and Conditions or if you facing difficulties in using this site, please contact support@softsix.com.