About Us

SoftSix is an authorized reseller of SysTools Software Pvt Ltd. SoftSix has been one of the most trusted names in the software industry. We provide innovative software for data recovery solutions, email conversion and cloud backup, related problems. SoftSix has brought a revolutionary change in the software industry

Who We Are

SoftSix is the renowned software development company in the online industry. Today we are one of the top resellers for SysTools Software Pvt Ltd. providing data recovery and file conversion related solutions. We offer solutions like digital forensics that helps to solve cyber crime related issues. We also provide cloud computing solutions for software data protection. We have led our industry in technology research and development. We understand the user's problems and provide secure, reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Our Objective

We have combined our outstanding selection of products our highly skilled team of professionals to simplified the lives of millions of computer users and IT administrators. We are the trusted leaders in data recovery. We always try our best to solve complex problems of users. Our team members are eager to solve the queries of the users. SoftSix provides software solutions in the most efficient and user-friendly way.

SoftSix has provided its software solutions to over 120+ countries including USA, Germany, Canada Italy, Malaysia and it has gained a lot of satisfying users and achieved great reputation among them. SoftSix is a combination of proper data recovery knowledge plus efficient data recovery Tools to provide software solutions.

Our Pledge

SoftSix solution has prided itself on being able to provide reliable solutions to meet the most complex needs of our customers. SoftSix primary goal has always been to provide superior solutions. We understand the user and is, therefore, able to provide right solutions for users need. The entire team members of SoftSix are working hard to deliver high-quality software products. Our objective is to fulfill our client's needs. We are proud to offer our specialized solutions and services to you.